Polish House

In the life of every Polish emigrant the most important factor is a sense of security and communication with the home country, the country of ancestors, and the opportunity to practice culture and faith in the mother tongue.
The history of the Polish Home

History of the Polish House in High Wycombe at Forest Way HP13 7JF.


Polish House is a meeting place for Polish emigrants living in Aylesbury and High Wycombe from November 1972. The Polish home is wholly owned by the Polish Catholic Mission in England and Wales and its administrator and decision-maker is the parish priest of Aylesbury and High Wycombe.


          The originator of the Polish Home was Fr. the parish priest Stanisław Nowak (http://parafiabucks.blogspot.com/), who saw the need for a place where Poles would have the opportunity to meet together, he also insisted on the construction of the Polish House. In the end, a decision was made to build a Polish meeting center for the local Polish community. The work was undertaken with great commitment and with the support of the local Polish community in the early spring of 1972. The Polish House was completed in a very short time and in less than seven months, the dedication of the Polish House was made by Father Szczepan Wesoły in the presence of Fr. prob. Stanisław Nowak, Mayor of the city of High Wycombe and numerous Poles gathered on November 18, 1972.

          Since then, the Polish House has become a place where religious and national and parish celebrations were organized. Here, for the last few years, the only Sunday Holy Mass was celebrated in the area. The Polish House also housed the first Polish Saturday School in exile.

         In 1980, after the passage of priest Stanisław Nowak's retirement and his departure to the country, the pastoral care of the parish in High Wycombe is entrusted to the Princes of the Society of Christ. At that time, Fr. prob. Bogdan Szykulski, living in Great Missenden, joins four pastoral centers: Great Missenden, Amersham, High Wycombe, Aylesbury into one large parish.

The activities of the Polish Home

Currently at the Polish Home are:
- Administrative Groups and Pastoral Communities,
- Polish Veterans Association,
- Polish Saturday school for them St. Stanisława Kostkiw High Wycombe,
- Polish Saturday Saber School in High Wycombe,

- Polish Saturday school in Aylesbury,

- Polish Nursery in the Polish Home,
- Scouting,
- Parish Choir,
- scene of Saint. Joseph,
- Circle of the Living Rosary.

Social gatherings, Polish community parties, patriotic academies, nativity plays, balls and games take place here.

We also rent the Polish House for weddings and banquets, baptisms, communions, etc. We encourage you to take advantage of the offer of the House, which includes:
- a spectacular hall
- Banquet hall
- kitchen equipment
- bar
- free parking spaces
- the object can accommodate 120 people at the same time.
- we also provide: tableware on request
- Everyone can use the kitchen or have a Swedish table.

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